The Monkey and the super moon

Well the time has arrived for more monkey business and the moon and the monkey are walking hand in hand. Allow me to explain what is going on in the cosmos. The stars are always dancing, however they have been putting on a grand display since December 2012, yes you all rememeber that date, when the world was meant to come to an end, or mass destruction and/or a lifting of humanity into our true form. The stars will continue to dance for at least another four years before we have the calm again, but for now the monkey is very happy to have all these planets to play with.  

The year of the monkey has hit its high and is now on a decline, but be aware of the monkey who is just staring at you as its mind is working everything out, so you may find that you are having to work extra hard to get things resolved in your personal lives. This is the best year in many decades to sort out the problems in your life and there are only five months left to do it in, so don't leave it until tomorrow, as there is no tomorrow, there is only the now. 

The monkey and the moon reflection

The monkey and the moon reflection

The past few months the super moons have been appearing frequently and will continue to do so throughout the next few years.  the moon has its way of effecting our emotions and our reactions to life at a very deep level and this is how it works and why you should all be aware. When we have a new moon and its is rising into its full glory as a full moon, it is collecting all of you emotional content, this is called the waxing of the moon. So it has a way of just accepting whatever you are wishing for as it is the nearest planet to our earth, therefore it is the first place our thoughts are attracted to. When it reaches its fullness, all your emotions are given light to and on a super moon, they are intensified, in other words the moon is revealing your deepest emotional content. Once the full moon is finished, it starts to disappear and this is called waning. On its journey to disappearing from our view, it compresses all of the emotional seeds it has gathered and takes them down to the deepest level, only to plant them into the ground as vibrational energy. These seeds of emotion are then given life to by the cycles of the sun and the moon and you gradually feel the affect over a slow but steady release of energy from within your heart. Like some emotions, you just never know when they are going to arise in you, so this is where the monkey starts to play. The monkey has watched silently as the moon has harvested all the emotions and is rubbing his hands together as he knows it will soon be time to go to work. What does he do, well as the emotions start to release he does not allow you to bury them, he wants to play with them, he wants to solve the problems as it is a puzzle to the monkey and his curiosity gets the better of him, so if you teach the monkey how to solve the problem, you are in fact solving your own problem, so in a way the monkey is helping you by allowing you to help him. This is called outsmarting the monkey or put simply monkey business.

 Now, more about the dancing of the stars. Most people will normally pay attention to certain planets individuall. However when there is something else going on it is hard to work out unless you follow astrology, which can be tedious for some of us, however I just love to know, just like my ancestors, if you want to know the potential of life, then study the stars as all is in the heavens and as in heaven so shall it be on the earth. There is a major aspect going on and is repeating itself again and again, but each time there are some slight differences due to the houses it appears in. This aspect is called the grand square or grand cross and it is when four planets align themselves all at exactly 90 degrees angles to each other. The super moon is part of the aspect and will be sitting in the house of new seeds and creation, so rather than let this aspect affect you in a negative way, because you will feel overwhelmed with energy and a need to express full on, just stay calm and express in the correct way. How to do this, is simply to know that on the 14th to the 22nd the grand cross will be full on, so plan to be doing things that exercise the mind, body and of course the soul, by trying your best to be kind to each other as the monkey is always overcome by kindness, be gentle with each other as the monkey loves a hug and to be told how much you love them, allow others to be themselves and express through whatever means you have available to you, so write, draw, dance, chant or simply clear the house of old and unwanted things and refresh yourself and all of your relashionships. 

I know most people would think that I am crazy, but the best advise I can give you is to be kind to the moon, so a little prayer to bless our grandmother will go a long way and in the ancient times when they saw a new moon, they would always tell her how beautiful she looks. This aspect will Repeat on the same dates in December but without a super moon, so less intense. If you want to survive the crazy period while all is chaos around you, then cuddle the monkey and love the moon. 

Hope this helps you all, any questions then let me know. Love and blessings to you all.

Master Vasilios ©2016