Indigenous Heart

There has been something working away within me for a long time now and I have held back on writing about this subject, which is a very ingrained belief deep within my heart. I view all the people in the world as Indigenous (True Ancient and original beings) trying to express themselves in a modern world, slowly removing our ancient ways and trying to replace them with modern views, beliefs and of course technology. I am sure that you will agree, because of this, the world has become unbalanced as people are trying to find their place amongst those who believe that there is no place for Indigenous people on the planet anymore and we are considered to be in their way. Some people will think, that I am just another ageing person, with nothing better to do, or that I am living in the past, both of these attitudes are incorrect, as a human being I simply care about our world, ways and where we are heading as a race of people. Stop and listen to a child, and they will also speak the same things that I am, so am I returning to being a child...always.

Northern Russian people

Northern Russian people

The great nations of the world, such as in the American regions, south, north and central, are I suppose the most famous, but there are hundreds of nations all over the world, who strive and struggle to keep their traditions alive. Why am I writing about this, well for one I am a believer in reincarnation and I have had many experiences of past lives, revealing my indigenous nature. You only have to look around where we are in Cyprus and I am sure you are all aware that ancient remedies for all sorts of illnesses and conditions are treated mostly by medicine woman and men who are attuned to nature and the medicine that is provided by our great mother and has been handed down through the generations. Why do we need pharmaceuticals, because they have been given to us, to treat all of the diseases caused by the modern world and they simply complicate matters more, rather than heal. Is there a place for modern medicine, I will leave this up to people to decide, but deep within us all, we are calling out for a return to the natural healing provided by nature.

Found in Cyprus

Found in Cyprus

The doctors of today are all medicine people, and in most cases they are just dispensing the wrong medicine, but I see now that more and more doctors are moving across to natural medicines and this is a strong sign that our indigenous roots are pushing through. So long may they continue to wake up to healing with nature rather than chemical based medicine.  

So much confusion is caused by trying to understand our true nature, but it simply cannot be removed it can only be distracted. So many people now rely on technology and spend all of their time pouring out their emotions into cyber space, when instead we should be developing our inner senses, especially now as the true accession of humans has commenced and we are becoming more and more attuned to the vibrations of the earth and the great mother.  

As our indigenous energy continues to break through, we will learn some strong lessons that will bring us all back to knowing the five truths, which are,

1. The dancing of the indigenous peoples are to lift themselves from the binding of the earth, passing through their human state and then into the heavens to be one with the great creator. This is not only achieved by dancing, but also by exercise and spiritual movements, such as ancient yoga and Qigong.

2. Chanting, drumming and singing is to join in with the chorus of the earth and attune with Mother Nature. For example our original Cypriot language, was known to sing and a wonderful healer of the heart, why did they change it, progress is what they called it, regression of the heart is what I call it and this is why so many people cannot feel their true heart, we are not singing anymore, we are not allowing the heart to naturally vibrate. 

3. Have you noticed how many of us are drawn to art in one form or another lately! That is because art is the oldest recorder of history and all of our indigenous history is either written down or drawn somewhere, such as on rocks, ancient paper and in books. The elders would pass on stories so children would know who they were, where they came from and their purpose in life, including the purpose of nature and the cosmos. Art is one of the ultimate expressions of indigenous people, we know of this from body art to decorative clothes to stunning homes, which all by the way have not destroyed nature in any way or form, instead, it only seeks to harmonises with its environment.  

4. To heal oneself and to heal each other. What can I say about this other than this brings the kindness of the heart out from human beings. Kindness is the ultimate truth between all living things. Kindness born from sincerity is the supreme truth. Heal each other and know that the energy that heals us all is the supreme energy of the consciousness, which we are all part of and are able to give to each other in abundance. It is not a system, it is only called by its true name the nameless, energy is free for everyone and if you do not know how to live and work with it, then that's why we have our ancestors, to guide us, the medicine woman, the vision maker, the wise ones and the consciousness.

5. Stillness, the art of moving without moving. During a meditation one day, I came to realise that if I sat silently long enough, I could feel the earth moving and all of a sudden I knew, it was no longer about my journey, but the journey of the earth, I was meditating with our great mother and experiencing her journey through the cosmos. My own heart synchronised with her vibration and I like everything else was moving along with her, yet I was still and during this period, my heart was healed, for her journey is known as the journey of love. Only through the stillness of the heart will you understand the true meaning of love.

I pray that mankind, stops it erasing of the indigenous ways and realises that the remaining indigenous people are the only ones who can save us, when we have stopped destroying the earth and ourselves. No one should not be able to call themselves indigenous, they instead should feel relieved that they have found themselves and their purpose in this life and the indigenous way of life is hard, because this way of life does not generate huge piles of money, neither does it strip the lands of its precious resources and harm nature and animals in any way. Cyprus is a land that was and is still filled with indigenous people... What happened to us, we'll we have been displaced like all other indigenous people and slowly made to forget who we are. We are now possibly only two generations away from forgetting altogether, or can we teach as many people as possible the true way of life, which is to live through the heart.

Love and blessings to you all and to all the indigenous peoples in the world. 

Master Vasilios © cyprus tai chi 2016