Cosmic Flu

Here we are in 2016 and now the fun begins as we have had four years of cosmic enhancement, changing us in all directions. Oh how we are growing into a new level of consciousness, but some of us are struggling and here are the reasons why.

We are experiencing the cycle of cosmic adjustment and the aspects of the planets have been strong and will continue to be like this for a least another five to six years, oh dear I hear you say, but do not worry because at this stage we are still experiencing the individual accession of mind and now the body is following, so if you have a lot to let go of, then you can expect to be hit with a cosmic burst of flu or a cold. The planets have aligned themselves in such a way that their energy is intermingling and when passing through the energy of our sun, then the cosmic rays are also affected and as you know the cosmic rays are what feed our planet and all living life on the earth. No wonder the scientists are baffled and what are they saying? our anti bionics are not working.. of course they wont work, how do they expect to destroy something that cannot be destroyed and why would you destroy something that is trying to help you to grow. 

In reality our mother earth is pulling down creative rays from the heavens as she is going through her own rebirth, but she is also pulling them down for us too, so we can rise up above our own earthly states and allow us to prepare our souls to live on another level. It is the end of a cycle for our lower vibration and we must adjust to this new higher vibration, but first the body must be cleaned at the deepest level and all the waste in our bodily fluid systems must be cleansed and cast away. We must let this flu take its course and not resist it in any way. We are in fact turning in our old states of mind and bodies for new versions of us, which we have built over our current life. Some of us are finding the surge of energy to powerful to handle, yet the answer is simple, just get grounded as best as you can. How do we ground, well you should consider meditation, or a form of exercise that allows you to ground your energy, otherwise you will become like a live wire with no earthing, hence why people are feeling tingling at the end of their finger tips, again no need to panic as the nervous system is adjusting through the spine, so therefore make sure you have correct fluid intake and correct diet.

I know that to a lot of you, this may sound tedious and you may not bother to do anything about your way of living, however if we take a good long look around us we will see that most people are now turning to vegan foods, healthier drinks and becoming more conscious of their health. Slowly we are also seeing the turning away of chemical medicines and looking for natural medicines. So we are changing without thinking to much about it, it is happening and you are being pulled along step by step, so why resist, why not just except that your body is cleansing in a perfect and natural way, doing what it was designed to do.

Okay let me address with the emotional content, for sure those of us who are currently bearing a cold or the flu, are also cleaning out at the emotional level, but I always say that the more you have tried to live a life in a true and correct way, the more emotions you are exposed to. There may be more in you than you think, just because a healer is always calm and collect, it does not mean they are not carrying emotional content, because for those of us who care, for sure we will be carrying some type of weight around our shoulders, however nature wants to clean you. Take a cosmic shower everyone and bathe in the cosmic waters of life, its the best shower you will ever have.

Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi 2016