Love our Ancestors

There are many types of ancestors we have hidden away in our past, some of them we know and some we do not. But to think that all we are comes from them over many generations of time and building lives we could not imagine, yet here we are many ancestors down the line, being reborn again and again until we achieve our state of perfection and all I can say is what a journey.

With regards to my own ancestors I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the energy line directly, which is both enlightening and has changed me considerably. However my only living elder direct ancestor now is my mother, whom I absolutely adore and respect, not just because she is my mother, but for the life she has lived and how she has turned out in her later years of life. See the small video I have placed of her below...

Once when I was visiting her in the UK, I took her for lunch around the corner from her apartment and along the way, we must have bumped into several people and all them said hello to her and asked her how she was and she knew everybody by name and who they were and so on. I also got told to make sure that I look after her and to be a good son, by a man who was drinking a pint of beer outside a pub, who did look a bit worse for wear, but he just adored my mother. This told me how loved and respected she is in the community and how she is always smiling and happy. The blessing is that at 86 years of age, she has all of her faculties working, a very sharp sense of humour and is lively and physically as fit as she can be.

So why am I talking about my mother, well she was a big influence on me during my life as she practised Yoga in her younger days, was an accomplished stage actress in Cyprus and wrote poetry as well as many other talents like dancing non stop and enjoying her life as best as she could even though she had many obstacles to overcome, that we could not imaging how difficult they were unless you were living them. This is one reason why I never feel that my life has been hard even though I have had my own challenges in life, because I have always believed that if my mother could overcome hers, then I can overcome mine and still smile at the end of the day, this is what I call living a real life, because our ancestors did not have it easy as we do today, no this is far from the truth, they struggled to clear the way for us, so we could all have better lives. A better life is by choice not by a gift, a better life is to fully take on your challenges in life and not to hide behind reasons for not accomplishing the very desires you have with you, for these desires are our past lives expressing them selves into our current life. 

So how am I following my ancestors, well I am dancing through my Tai Chi, I am bringing life to my creative mind through my art, either through writing, drawing and painting, I am always trying to heal myself and others and through my being still I realise all of the good I am trying to do in this life and finally all of this helps my vibration to grow and grow, so when I talk I talk from my heart. So once again we come back to our expression of life what else is there and this is what my ancestors have taught me the most. Express yourself and let all of that goodness overcome the darkness in you, grow and grow until you can no longer grow, never stop trying and never give up, be you and most of all love you as you love others.

The last time I saw my mother was a few weeks ago on a short trip to the UK, I stayed with her and my Son Michael for a few days and my son really looked after me and when we saw my mother we did a little Tai Chi as she stills practices Qi Gong everyday, just a few exercises has kept her dancing legs going and a level of health free from medicines and a level of health which I hope I enjoy when I am her age. So for all the students of the school and non students as well, she left a very small video for you and some pics, enjoy and I know she loves the limelight as the actress in her just wont stop coming through bless her and all ancestors everywhere, past, present and future ones.