Welcome to the Spirit of the heart

Hi all, the website is back on line and I apologise for the website being taken off line for a while, but there was some major work I needed to do on the site behind the scenes so to speak. As some of you are aware, I develop and maintain the site myself, it may be time consuming, but worth the effort as I enjoy providing you all with information on various subjects and of course not forgetting our Tai Chi.

In  the mean time we have been busy with things and the classes have been progressing nicely as we have now moved out into the garden once again to enjoy being with nature and our Tai Chi.

The website has some new sections and don't worry for those of you who like the  previous content, it will still be there as some of you love the music... yes I must have been a DJ in a previous life, maybe not a great one this time round. 

In this section I would like to offer you the chance to interact with me and other students and non students of the school. By this what I mean is that you can ask questions and answer some too, it is an open comments blog. When I tried this in the past, the uptake was not so encouraging, but never mind, I will try again. However even if there are only a few comments I will be writing here every month, discussing the spirit of the heart, which is the journey of the school and what it means to us all.

To start with, I would like to restate the philosophy of the school, which can be easily forgotten by the pressure of modern living. The school was founded on the spirit of the heart almost ten years ago and encourages us Human beings to learn to love all living beings, nature, animals and insects equally. We are not learning to fight! instead we are learning true self defence, which is to trust our energy, trust and love the great spirit and to not be afraid to live our lives to the full in the correct way. We are all walking the same path, I for one am not prejudice against any other  being, regardless of colour, gender or belief, all are welcome into my heart and into the school.

The school is a place of healing for all of us and some seem to think, that a healing can only take place with someone applying medication, the placing of hands on another, well the truth is that at our deepest level we are all in need of healing our soul, but few can understand that soul healing is at the micro level, the same in which the universe is built. It is the things we are unaware of, or we can feel or possibly know what causes the problems in our lives, yet in a way we do know, we just do not understand how to approach the inner self, where our true wisdom lay. The approach is the long path as we call it, the one where we apply our knowledge to everyday life and this takes time. The beauty of Tai Chi and Qigong, is that it was developed for this purpose and that is why it is a complete system of understanding and elevating ones own soul, from its hidden place and into the light, bringing the soul and the spirit together as one.

More to follow Love and blessings to you all.

Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi & Qigong 2016