To touch your true heart

In the not to distant future a young girl sat on the edge of what was once a beautiful sacred place called the Akamas land. Here time had left its mark through its history of great events and had blended and harmonised with humans and the nature of the cosmos. but such is the nature of man, that most beautiful landscapes in the world that belongs to nature its self has to be destroyed  and replaced by mans vision of beauty. The great spirit looks upon this and says to us all, can man possibly create something more beautiful than the spirit of nature, what does he know other than to tear it down and end life that has been existing for millions of years. What does man know about the harmony of life, when all he sees is financial rewards, instead of the spiritual rewards.

The young girl turned to her mother and said why do I feel a sadness about this place, her mother replied by telling her the story of the Akams forest and the sadness she feels is because, when man stamps on the ground without respecting all life he destroys not only what is under his feet, but all those living things around them, such is the true nature of harmony, nature lives as one with all things, when man can only see himself, this they call progression, but the reality is, it is regression, for without nature being in balance, we can not survive. The girl looked into the the last cluster of trees and asked, why did they leave them behind, her mother said that those cluster of trees are is all that is left of mans understanding of nature, that they think trees are here for our beauty and not for our survival, yet they provide us with both, which man cannot understand.

Her mother wiped her tear away and said that man has polluted the sky, water, earth and air and in doing so have polluted our minds. The girl said surely not all men are like this, no said the mother not all, but any who has power will always be seduced by others to gain more power. Who are these others asked the young girl? they are ones who prefer not to be seen and have many masks, we no longer know who they really are, but they are here and will not stop, but the great spirit knows them and she will shake them from the earth when she is ready to. Our mother earth has four billion years of wisdom we should yield to her and follow her as do the animals, plants and insects, only humans have the choice to not follow her, and this why we suffer. 

The girl stood up and said, is there a way we can stop this from happening? Only if man finally accepts that some places on the earth are not meant to be interfered with. When the great spirit enters our house, we welcome her with open heart, yet she does not change anything inside and outside of our house, other than fill it with her love, yet when we enter her sacred place, most humans think they can make it better, when they should just feel blessed that they can be part of a miracle of life and there is nothing to change other than themselves.

Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi & Qigong 2016