The Monkey has lit the fire

Here we go, after moving into the year of the fire Monkey, we are beginning to feel the effects of the Monkey at play. There are two sides to this loveable little fellow causing havoc amongst us all. On one side the Monkey is caring, loving and very family orientated, filled with wisdom and yet at the same time, the Monkey can be very serious and compassionate. However their compassion extends to helping you to recover from illness and mental stagnation. How do they do this, they just play and throw the toys out that they have outgrown and are always looking for the new stimulation.

How is this affecting us, well you just maybe feeling a big urge to be free of everything that you feel has trapped you and is weighing you down. There is for most of us an overwhelming feeling of just leaving it all behind, the problem is, we must not leave everything behind, as some things and some people are meant to be with us for ever, so be mindful, but not fearful. The monkey is one of the signs used in Asian astrology and I have been asked what about western astrology, why don't you write some more about that... Okay I thought, so here goes, we are in the sign of Taurus the bull at the moment and will be for another two weeks. The bull is a power animal, very earthy and stubborn and not easily overcome by the other star signs, however if you want to lead a bull where you want it to go, don't try pushing it, tempting it with food, or pulling it by its horns as you will surely fail.

The story is as follows:

A farmer was once becoming very frustrated with one of his farm animals, a bull who refused to leave the field and return to his pen. This had become a great debate in the village as all of the farmers had tried everything, but somehow this bull had just made up its mind to stay put. One day a blind man who had a Monkey as his helper, past through the village and heard of the farmers problem. The blind man approached the farmer and said that his Monkey could get the bull to the pen if they offered him some food and a place to sleep for the night, for him and his Monkey.

The farmers agreed and laughing as they all walked to the field. When they arrived the monkey just skipped over the fence and ran into the field and went straight up to the bull and using the very fine thread the blind man had given the monkey, he tied it through the ring on the end of the bulls nose and then very gently pulled on the thread and lead the bull all the way to pen. 

"How did that just happen"? one of the farmer asked. The blind man just smiled and said, "when the monkey was tying the thread he posed no threat or demands on the bull other than to just follow him, and when we want to be a leader then you must pull on a single point of those that follow you and not their entire being". If you can bring everything into a single point, size and weight does not matter.

The Moral principal of the fire monkey, is that, have no fear of what this year may bring, stay strong and connected to those that you love and know that the whole world is coming together as a single heart, to bring the changes, that we all so crave. Together like the rain forest we will feed each other and start to harmonize and find balance deep within our selves and our hearts will start to sing aloud once more, without restriction. The fire of the monkey will burn so bright, it will illuminate all in its path and as the nature of fire is to cling to what it destroys, nothing will be left untouched. What is the monkey really offering us here, a chance to illuminate out hearts, the eternal flame of the sacred heart. Let the monkey lead you, it only takes a single thread and to know the single point within you, follow your heart and only your heart.

Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi & Qigong 2016