The triple points of Karma

Many writings have appeared about one of our favourite spiritual subjects, which is about our beloved Karma. I receive so many questions about Karma, which I do not mind one single bit as I try to answer them as best as I can. But there is really only one way to approach and understand how Karma works, without turning it into something that is not really understood by us all. So let me begin to try to help you all in how Karma is initiated and played out through this life or the ones coming including our previous lives too. 

As you may know that everything we think, do or say will create a reaction somewhere on the earth or in the universe and this is called displacement, because everything has its place and tiniest of movement from any of us will cause something else to move to make way for our actions. which become attached to our energy.

Before you pass judgment on this ancient teaching, please read through to the end of this article, as the circle of Karma and that everything you start in life, will come to an end in one way or another and a new journey will begin from the outcome of what has passed, so always finish what you start as this is our outer circle that binds our Karma with our inner circle. 

The first point: Be where you want to be. So are you exactly where you want to be, or is your mind wandering else  where. This I suppose is the most difficult point to deal with as most of us will look at this from a geographical point of view and it is to a degree, but it also means that are we the type of human being we want to be, are we living from the heart in the right way, if not why not? Are we allowing others to influence our surroundings and our own harmony in our life. If we are! then we are not where we want to be, because we should be masters of our own space. Therefore it does not matter where you are placed on the earth, you should always be within the centre of your own energy frame work. To achieve this you must be at the centre of your heart feeling and connected to everything in the right way. If you should feel that the external influences are to strong, then yes you may have to move to another location, but this should always be for the right reason.

The second point: Say what you want to say. I feel that this one has always given me the greatest challenge, but to explain it simply, we should always speak from our heart, which often changes when the origin of our words travel up from the heart and exit from our mouths. This also applies to the thoughts we have of ourselves and others. Speaking the truth is difficult as most of us are trying to be considerate of the feelings of other people, but we never consider this when we communicate to animals we show our true feelings, yet to other human beings we behave differently, we are in fact modifying our behaviour and the truth. Speaking the truth is not to rearrange words by trying to be diplomatic, as this causes confusion. The way to speak the truth is to understand that everything is vibration and therefore the tone we use and the connection we have with another person, is the most important thing and will determine in how we are being received. So we must understand, that what we say is vibrational and this is what the other person is really listening to and the tones that emanate from our heart carry the vibration of truth, which no one can overcome. Be truthful to yourself before you can be truthful to others.

Point three: Do what you want to do. Why do something that you don't really want to be doing in the first place and yes there are many chores and jobs to be done, that just have to be done, well unless you can get someone else to do them for you, you just have to do them and this is a normal part of life, it is our dull place, which I personally turn into a meditation as it is the only way I can do the chores and be happy all of the time. To do what you want to be doing, simply means are you following your inner feelings, your own intuition. Are you a person that just follows others because you cannot see anything you can do for your self. Are you following someone because you believe in them, then this is doing what you want to be doing, however if you are with someone because you are afraid to live your own life then this is not doing what you want to be doing. There are many permutations to this point, as we could say that it relates to our work, relationships, studies and spiritual beliefs. Now some of us will say that I am doing what I want to doing, my career is great, my home life is great and I am happy in all aspects of my life, then that's great and let's read the next paragraph.

I believe that these these three points of Karma are the essence of a Karma free life... How can this be possible I hear you ask. If you can achieve all three in one life time then surely you will be illuminated, and most people do and can achieve one or maybe two out of the three, if you are saying to your self, I have achieved all three then stop and think about this. In order to be Karma free, we must achieve all three without having disturbed the lives of others, which includes people, animals, insects and plant life. To late I hear you say! when you reflect back on your it is not, just don't waste anymore of your life by not changing.

Can we change the Karma we have accumulated... Yes we can, yes we can try to forgive and be forgiven, or better still, if we just change by trying our best not to disturb others, we will have not only made a big difference in our lives, but also have given the correct vibration to all living things around us and within us. Much thought is required to understand how our actions affect others, but if you always think of these three points, you will always have a guideline to work from. 

This is a teaching that was given to me many, many years ago and it is used by grandparents to guide young humans onto the right path when they have completed one of their journeys, so they know how they can return to their lives feeling strong and expressive in the right way. I hope this helps you and as I am sure you are aware, I could not write down the full teachings for you here, so ask away and I will answer the best I can. 

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Love and blessings to you all

Master Vasilious © Cyprus Tai Chi & Qigong 2016