The diet of the mind

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you know about life and its mysteries. How everything has been hidden from us in one way or another. Should life be a mystery? or should it have been made clear to us from the start of our life's journey. The confusion we feel in our hearts is because we simply do not know, our purpose, destiny and ultimate potential of being human. 

I feel and believe that our original ancestors knew the meaning of evolution and how we are only capable of evolving in harmony with nature and the cosmos as a single life force. There will always be some humans who naturally evolve faster due to their previous lives and karma. However during the period of unfoldment, some people find something which cannot be contained and are overcome by the power of knowledge and use their knowledge in the wrong way and there are those who know how to harness their knowledge and use it in the right way. 

What is the difference between a Spiritual leader and a politician? seeing as both have knowledge, are we able to define the content of their knowledge and are we prepared to follow them. We could say that a politician is meant to be working for the benefit of society and world affairs, but not on the spiritual level, that is left to religion to define our beliefs and soul growth. it sounds perfect, but how much mystery is contained in this arena of world affairs, how many of us are prepared to follow them and still not be given access to the complete truth. On the other hand, the Spiritual leader does not confuse knowledge, yet in order to understand this knowledge they give to us, we have to be prepared to put into action this knowledge by the form of practise and as we unfold, so does the knowledge within.

All of the mysteries are contained within us, it is the following of your hearts beliefs that unlocks the vitality of life. Knowledge is taken as spiritual food and its digestion is carried out by the work we do in applying this knowledge to every aspect of lives. The current availability  of knowledge has become like fast food, with such a variety of menus to choose from, what do we choose today I wonder and what will we have tomorrow, this I call the carbohydrate of knowledge, desired, addicted to and craved for, but soon disappears as we move from meal to meal never feeling full. The protein knowledge diet on the other hand, is the one that slowly builds the mind and body in the correct way, by bringing together many smaller molecules of knowledge by stringing all you know together and binding them within you. So you could say that we need protein to rebuild the body of knowledge on a repeated basis and this is achieved by practising what you know and what you believe in.

So now we may ask the question of our self, what do we know? what have we been following all of these years and yes we know many things, but how can this be applied to our life in a way that we benefit ourselves and others. 

The original mistake we made somewhere along the path of humanity is that we were told not to let our hearts rule our heads, which is why we have ended up as we have done so. The heart is the true mind and the head is the translator of our five external senses, only our heart is capable of knowing and understanding all of the senses we have within and outside of us. 

So, how would we cope by just living from our hearts for this is the true path and this is where the truth and the unfolding of the mysteries of life lay. Our logical minds work to apply our hearts mind into any situation we facing, that is its true nature, but when we do not apply our heart, the logical mind tries to deal with the problems in its own way and becomes separated from our heart and this is the core of our problems. Let your mind know of the hearts desire and then apply this to your problem through your logic... in other words do not separate them, instead combine them and you will become filled with heart energy the life force of the cosmos.