Illuminating the world

Since 2007, we have been witnesses to the dramatic changes all over the world, which have not only changed countries, societies, beliefs, but also the hearts of humanity. The spirit world that looks upon us and walks with us taught us all a very powerful teaching many, many years ago and this Teaching I would like to share and remind you all that humanity still has the greatest potential ever.

If we continue to be angry, greedy, selfish and hold hate, fear and jealousy within our hearts, then we are covering ourself in darkness and as each human contributes towards this darkness, it will take hold and be like a blanket covering the earths energy pulling us all down. We can change this though, by living and being our true potential, which is to stop being angry and to learn to love others and ourselves again. To share our lives with as many people as possible and relearn the art of giving from the heart and only taking what we need. To not just think about ourselves, but to do simple gestures of kindness and to always think of others. To learn not to hate each other, but to accept each other and their beliefs. Learn not to be envious, for envy is driven by desire of what others have, instead be grateful for what we have as the most precious thing we own is what is in our hearts...priceless.

If we can achieve these things, then the light with our hearts will once again shine and together we can illuminate the world, lifting our Mother Earth into her heavenly glory. There is no force on the earth stronger than when all humans become one love from the same heart. 

The year 2017 adds up to 1. Time is resetting itself and we have a new decade of energy to work with. What will you fill your hearts with is what you need to ask yourselves. Instead of leaving it to others to do, we should do our bit and illuminate our hearts so brightly that the light is seen from the deepest parts of the cosmos. As we are becoming more open, our true nature of hearts is revealed, let your revelation be light.

Happy new year, new decade and much light love and illumination to you all. 

Master Vasilios  © 2017