Parting the way

So here we end a year of great events and many changes within our hearts and souls. What has happened to us regarding the cosmic dancing that has been going on for the last several years? I ask myself this question nearly every day and all I know is that we have without doubt evolved into beings that do not fully understand our new found energy.

It is a complicated time for us all, learning to live with this next generation of energy, that is at times confusing, yet exhilarating and very exciting. The most prominent change is the amount of sensitivity we have gained towards each other, a kind of knowing what the other one is feeling and even thinking. Our hearts have truly been opened and cleared and some of us are still holding onto the old ways, but our old habits and thinking will not help us any more. We have to adapt and help this new found energy to grow and come to the surface in our thinking and emotional content. 

I have noticed that there are still some organisations and groups, trying there best to bring many strains of philosophy and spiritual work together and at the moment, 'mindfulness' springs to mind. It appears that following Buddhism in its entirety is not enough, so they have taken a part of it that can be adapted to there newly developed knowledge programmes. It is a shame in one way because the original philosophies and ways of life are ancient and offer a complete system of learning for those who are seeking to enlighten their soul and spirit. These adapted systems come and go, as the only teachings worthy of following are those that have withstood the test of time. This may sound very harsh from me, but I am what you say a teacher who understands the value of passing down the ancient teachings, so they maybe preserved and continue their journey for Aeons to come.  

Perhaps you may feel that the world is speeding up and therefore we need something that allows us to extract what we need rather than study an entire system of learning, well this I call Gold mining, because Gold blinds the hearts eye and no though is given to the affect on the planet once the Gold is all gone, so think about it for one day you will know that you have had many years to learn something in its entirety and you may, just maybe feeling regretful that you never took something and walked with it to its completion.

If you look at Meditation, even though you may learn a quick way to meditate, it is still meditation and the most important thing about meditation is to be still, but can you be still? 38 years ago I was teaching meditation to a group of wonderful people, it seemed much easier for them to be still and did not suffer from monkey minds as some people do today, why? because there was no internet, no mobile phones and most of all people were still sincere in their approach to learning and development, they did not know any different. Now I am not saying that people are not sincere now, because most people are, however there are so many distractions to keep you mind busy else where these days, I no longer call it the monkey mind, more like a mind that no longer knows the way to be still.

I would say, that if you are going to be mindful, then be mindful of your heart, know what it is feeling, accept the truth that your inner sage is communicating to you, accept the right from the wrong action and let you heart lead you, for contained within your heart are the ancient teachings called the scared heart, why deny your inherited way of life. If you follow your heart then everything outside of you will take care of its self.

The heart will say it knows nothing and in doing so, it will know everything. Stop running, walking and jumping, just be still and let the wind of change move you. Cross the ocean of truth and part with the old you and let the new you begin, carrying all the wisdom from the ancient ways.

Love and blessings Master Vasilios Copyright © Cyprus Tai Chi 2017 -2018