The Rooster is amongst us

Credits: Rooster

Happy new year and what a beautiful year to have been born into, or to just soak up the power and the meaning of the Rooster year ahead. First of all, lets see if you are a rooster naturally, by being born on one of these years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 1017 and the next one will appear on 2029.

Don't be dissaponited if you are not a true Rooster as we should all be happy with our birth animal. 

The Rooster to most people means yang energy, pride, courage, arrogance, strength, watchfulness and flamboyance, not forgetting of course sexual energy. However the spiritual meaning of the rooster is renewal of our soul, spirit, energy and our lives in general. Most people have been feeling the urge to change as the year of the Monkey faded away and the Rooster was gathering up power and this is what this animal is all about...change or renewed life. To flow with this animal it is important that you understand a few things about the Rooster first.

First the Rooster is very loyal and very protective of its group, it will do anything to protect them and is the leader without any doubt. However you often find that behind every Rooster is a wise hen with whom he seeks comfort and guidance. Even the strongest and wisest of us all need someone to talk to, no matter who you are. So being strong and protective is good, but first of all question what are you exactly protecting! are you protecting material things, worried about losing possessions and finances, or are you truly protecting those who are in your life and what are you protecting them from. The Rooster has a simple life in this area as he protects his group from predators and other Roosters not belonging to his group, but for humans it is slightly different as we have many things to consider.

So the Rooster teaches us to let go and not become burdened with life and the heaviness it can place upon us, it is protecting those things as in what we need to live our lives, in other words keep it simple. During this phase of letting go, one does experience a rebirth over and over again, each day is seen as a renewal. As the sun rises a new day begins, we have changed, now we must work with that change. This raises the opportunity to find our true nature and discover new things about ourselves. As we tune in more and more to the consciousness and by sounding out Om each morning will go a long way in helping you to connect to the new and release the old.

In ancient Greece the Roosters early morning cry was to note victory over the night time vigilance of predators. In Chinese astrology the Rooster portrays honesty and devotion to duty and life. The body clock of the rooster is synchronisation with the earths energy fields, so if your Rooster is crowing at three in the morning it is because he has felt the sun rising on the horizon in the east. Even if you locked up a Rooster in a dark room, it would still crow at the right time, as the solar clock is built into the their system and has no care for our clocks going forward and backwards.

This years Rooster is a fire Rooster and this fire will either warm you or over heat you. If you are not practising the art of letting go, then things can mount up and work against you and spin out of control. This will be a very powerful year and we will see some major events in the world as some countries and nations spin out of control and others find their rightful place and create a harmony. The Rooster is not concerned with the affairs of the outside world, though still very aware of what is going on, he prefers to look after his own group, hence why I feel that this year will become the year when governments look inwardly at the people they are leading or meant to be. In some countries you can already see this happening in how certain countries are treating their own kind, so we can expect many changes ahead or frustrations depending on what fire is lit.

Spiritually, though one must develop patience and continue or start working on your own energy. This is not selfishness, but our own internal fires will need either to be stoked up a level or calmed down, as the Kundilini fire, which cooks our energy and produces spirit the same way one would produce alcohol for example. As our spiritual desires become stronger this year we will be looking for answers to life, spirit and the nature of the soul. In the past few years our inquisitiveness has been to just browse, dabble and experiment, but the call of our spirit nature this year will be very overwhelming as we also have to take into account the movement of the planets, which have been dancing away since 2012. So symptoms of the Rooster awakening in you are, tight chest pains, shoulder pains, leg pains and lower back pains, which most of you will relate this to anxiety or panic attacks, when for most of us it is the releasing and rising up of our spirits, trying to be reborn and it will pass if you pay attention to your own fire and not forgetting the letting go process of unwanted emotions. Think of the Rooster crowing and puffing up the chest, hence why we have chest pains, we all want to crow Om, the legs and back are apparent because the standing power of the Rooster is incredible and we are trying to emulate this power. No need to worry though, you will not grow feathers, but I think it would be nice if we did.

Its time to renew and find the new you and to love the new you and crow away by singing the Om chant every morning. It is also time to reveal the true you to all, show your magnificence in colour and in power of mind, heart and spirit. Lead those you look after and yourself into this renewed cosmic energy and start a new life with new understandings. New beginnings are presenting themselves to us, but you will need the fire to see them, the fire of the heart is the courage of the Rooster. I will write a part two for you all very soon.

Master Vasilious © 2017 Cyprus Tai Chi & Qigong