Poles apart

I will say that most people have a very good idea of knowing what the Yin and Yang symbol means and for sure it does mean what most of us think it does, such as, negative and positive, light and dark, male and female, soft and hard and so on. However there is another deeper meaning to the symbol, which I would like to share with you. Some of you might say that I know this already, then thats great news as the more of us embrace this wonderful teaching the better for all of us.

You may also know this as life and death, but this is not how it should be viewed, instead it should be viewed as birth and death, for life is the coming together of birth and death and the endless cycle of our own evolution. Life is the physical journey, which started with our birth and will end with our death, but our sprit and soul will continue to live on, only to be born again and the next part of our journey continues.

The journey is the most important part and we must try to lift our vibration as much as possible in our incarnation, so each rebirth becomes more powerful and more fulfilled. Our journey is all about learning and expression, filled with love and honesty, trying to become better human beings. The young children of the earth have been born ready to cope with the new vibration the cosmos is now sending to us, however for us older ones, we have to make adjustments to our thinking and the acceptance of our lives and progress through changing our hearts to match this wonderful energy. Things will never be the same on earth and only a closed mind would think that we can be what we once were, for now we are something different, more in tune with the forces of nature, more sensitive to peoples hearts and most of all evolving in a intuitive way, such as physic abilities opening up within us.

If you are experiencing emotional up and downs, it is because the energy is trying to flow through you and if you are resisting the flow, maybe it is time for you to consider the emotional weight you are carrying around with you, such as negative thoughts of others, dissatisfaction of your life, not doing what you want to be doing and most of all, being able to feel your own heart in the right way. Here is the medicine you need to take daily, Exercise your body, for the body is your temple of your spirit and soul, express your body by letting your creative nature shine through, say a wonderful mantra each day, so your vibration may grow, meditate and heal yourself and others through love, for when one applies these five attributes to their life, they will receive the master key to the great mystery within them. Live with Meraki.

More to come on this and love and blessings to you all

Master Vasilios