The longest day

The summer Solstice is upon us again and tomorrow we shall experience not only this wonderful annual and special day, but one which has come into this new age, when we are naturally all trying to ascend.  For most of us it will be, just another hot day to get through and enjoy the summer fruits of life, which is good in may ways, however there are some of us who will embrace this special morning and the longest day of the year. So what shall we all do to be part of this special day.

For one, a little understanding of what the true meaning of the summer solstice is all about may help you. All indigenous races will participate in one way or another in greeting this special day into our lives. The Summer Solstice is when the Sun enters its most powerful position in solar system after its long progress throughout the year it symbolises the process of attaining enlightenment, and on this day it reaches its final climax of the journey offering us the most light in the year. It also offers an understanding of our accumulated spiritual teachings, which help us to understand and offer us illumination. The spring equinox, represents our resurrection of our holy mind, spirit and soul as we start our return to the Great Spirit. The summer solstice is our complete return to the Great Spirit. Here we connect our great mother and father energy as one and our overcoming the darkness within our soul and our return to being whole again, with stable heart and mind. This allows our spirit to become free and as many of you know what it feels like to run free in the summer, then it is a time to enjoy all of the fruits of your hard work.

Finally it is important that you grasp the most important aspect here, which is to recognise that at this point and on this special day, we are the closest to our consciousness that the heavens can offer us, this is what makes this day so special. It is all about becoming one with the consciousness, the great spirit.

So what should you do on this day. For one we all what to be on sacred ground, such as places like Stone henge and certain places around Cyprus. If you can locate one and make the journey then great, if you are unable to then find an east facing position where you can see first daylight, remember that where you stand is always the most holiest place you can be depending on what is in your heart. Just drink a little water before the sun rises and say thank to the moon as she sets apart from the Sun allowing the sun to rise in its full glory. When the sun is rising say your thank you and prayers and do what you feel to express the good in you. Allow the sun to caress you and to mingle with your Qi and feel blessed to be alive. After the sun has risen it is a time to drink some tea and to be still for a few minutes to soak up all of the Suns energy.

I will write about what to do over the next six months, for those of you who want to complete this journey for this year. I will be celebrating the summer Solstice at the meditation tomorrow evening with a surprise for you all.

Love and blessings to you and enjoy. Master Vasilios.