The greatest shift in Humanity

From 2012 until now we have experienced the biggest shift in humanity ever witnessed for centuries. As I have previously stated that we are ascending in a way that some of us cannot comprehend or even being to know what is really going on. Ascension means that our bodies are being directly hit with newly aligned cosmic waves which is trying to flow through us, but in order for this flow of new energy to be successful, our bodies and mind must adjust. 

We have had to deal with our Pineal gland ringing away in our ears, creating the right harmonic frequency in order for our glandular system to adjust. There is no  easy way to do this other than face the prospect that we are all going to experience change in one way or another. This is the time of separation, when we let go of our old ways and transform into the sacred beings we really are. So now the next three events are the steps towards the outcome of our growth phase, which has been silently ticking away for the last 10 years. August and September are most probably going to be the biggest cosmic events we may witness, so how lucky we are to be part of this.

What have been the signs that have been revealed to you that you are ascending. You have most probably been experiencing aches and pains constantly shifting around the body, one day back ache, the next day headache and so on. Where ever you have been aching, it is because the glandular system is enhancing itself. You may also feel your energy has been up and down and your sleep and diet has become erratic. I have seen it all from people taking medicines to questioning their health and in some of you fear has crept in, but their is no need to worry as soon all this will have passed. Below I have written the three transitions, so things may get a bit worse before they get better, but take control of your diet and change your mind about your life as we are progressing and this is something that medicine cannot fix, only your diet and exercising the body and mind. Take a close look at the world today and note that things are changing rapidly and appear to be out of control, well if you haven't noticed it is not just the earth that is being affected, but all of the planets in our solar system have lit up. Our solar system is expanding and our mother earth wants grow, but first she must shed her old skin and this is happening now and will continue for a while. There is nothing to fear, only be mindful of the others who are responsible for leading the human race, can their minds and hearts become more focused on the good of humanity.

The first event Monday the 7th August 2017 partial eclipse of the moon.

In the evening at 21:10 looking at the moon from Nicosia, we will see a full moon. The moon will be in opposition to the Sun and the earth will be in the middle, which will create a partial eclipse for around 30 minutes or so. If the sky is clear then we shall all be able to see this. What does this mean to us? this will cause a release or opportunity to release the deeply entrenched emotions within our heart as the moon will start to reveal her hidden depths. Highly influencing this event will also be Saturn the keeper of the past events and past lives and Venus the balancing planet of the heart, and not forgetting Jupiter who will grace you the time to think clearly on what it is you have to let go of. You may feel slightly strange during this full moon, but stand tall and strong and release them by saying a prayer to the cosmos. Do not be caught up in your past events as this is the power of Saturn who likes us to stay locked into the past. Instead think of what your life may be like without those past events no longer affecting you and visualise a life in the now and the greatness to come from you in the future.


The Second event Monday 21st August 2017 Total Solar eclipse of the Sun

This by far is truly a great event and from my opinion so overdue as we all need this to happen in one way or another. Even though the moon will be a new moon, it will pass in front of the Sun causing a total black out for at least 30 minutes or so as it sweeps across America. This event has several names from being called the Black moon to the American eclipse. What does this mean, well there is so much to write about this event, but here are the key points. First of all, I always recognise the moon as Grandmother and the Sun as Grandfather and now Grandmother steps up in front of Grandfather and bathes the land with her spiritual creative powers, which will raise some very powerful and truthful thoughts from the hearts of all, awakening the people of America. Some say that it is Karma being released and others will say it is the heart being unchained, so now we have to stand back and see how the people react to this event. I pray that they see the right way forward and remove their fear of life and find the love not only for them selves, but for the rest of the world too. On this day when prayer is said during the eclipse, the prayer will become more powerful and meaningful. This unlike the full moon and as a new moon, is a time for new events, new life and a new way of starting to consciously live on a higher plane of thought. On this day, the separation will become very visible to those of us who have paid attention, worked in a true way on ourselves and have opened our hearts and have let go of petty things and know that all of our lives lay in the heart of the great spirit, trust her and yield to her for she means you no harm, only love. Well America you have been around the world and back again, what is in your heart?

The Third event 23rd September 2017, the great alignment and Reevlations 12 ( To come next months update )

Love and blessings to you all

Master Vasilios