Separation of the hearts

I did say that I would follow up on the last post called the The greatest shift in humanity and here it is. Starting on the 23rd September 2017, we will experience a complete shift of our vibrations, after five years of evolving through our glandular system. Each of the planets have affected and helped to bring our glandular system to its true level of understanding. During the past five years we have all had to go through some kind of turmoil, mostly hearing pitched frequencies in our heads, having to deal with certain ailments and of course we have had to experience the unfoldment of our hearts.

It is a great time for humanity, but the journey has and will still be a difficult path for most of us, who are still refusing to let go of the old ways. We were born spiritual and now this beautiful and wonderful being within us has surfaced, which will reveal to us our full potential and understanding of real life, that we are free and mentally capable of completing anything we put our minds to, the only thing you need to do is to make sure that your heart has let go of those things that serve you no purpose anymore. 


How is this going to happen, well on the 23rd, the planets will line up in such a way allowing us to experience the rebirth of our true heart. Jupiter which is the planet of the mind and is also known as the thinking planet, which represents our inner most senses, has spent the last nine months in the womb of Virgo, the divine virgin mother. Jupiter is the child of Virgo and on Saturday, Jupiter will be born through the feet of Virgo, leaving her heavenly body, reborn and ready to start its new journey as a newly born heart. The last five years have been to do with Jupiter moving in and out of Virgo and this is what has caused the frequencies within us, you may have noticed that the frequencies have calmed down lately, this is because Jupiter is making its final journey through Virgo and like all children who are born, it does have to enter the passageway to the light, where it looses all contact with its mother and surroundings.

Of course, there are more stars involved in this and this called the great alignment which only happens around every 7,000 years and here we are fortunate enough to be living at a time when this will take place. You may see on the picture I have posted that it shows revelations 12 from the bible, well I will let you make up your own mind about this, depending on what you follow and where you have placed your faith in life. For me though I believe and always have as the ancient teachings of the heart taught me, that the cosmos does not stay the same as every second that passes us by, the world and humanity has changed, because the cosmos is always changing. Everyone on earth will feel this change in one way or another. The most important message here is that, it is time for the whole of humanity to let go of the ways we have built, which are not in harmony in how the world should really be. There is a saying, that if we left the world alone, the world will become more beautiful again, therefore if we were left alone we will become truly beautiful again with our mother earth. Those who choose to hold onto their old ways, will only harden their hearts and those of us who embrace our change, that we are beautiful souls only wanting to express ourselves through love and understanding, will flourish on the earth, but our hearts will beat a different vibration to those who hold on. Try not to get caught in the conspiracy, which is awash on the internet, stay focused that like all great events on the earth, they are all part of our evolution and helping to return to our natural state of being.

I hope this helps you and send me comments if you have any questions. Love and blessings to you all.

Master Vasilios © 2017 Cyprus Tai Chi