Ancestors lead the way


What a great meditation class we had recently, which was attended by so many of you and also a special visitor from the UK, mother. As you know I call her Grandmaster Lucy, because her wisdom and love of all people is just wonderful, a true role model for all of us, in how to have a challenging life, yet remain happy and content all the way through. We were blessed to have Lucy read out her poetry to us all and yes she enjoys writing, meditation, healing and some Qigong. She was also a renowned stage actress here in Cyprus before she took us all to the UK. What an amazing life and I for one am very fortunate to have Lucy as my mother, whom I love very much and thank her with all my heart for standing by and believing in me. I have tried for ages to get her to visit the school, but it never worked out, until I finally managed to organise it and what a very special evening it was.


I would like to thank all of you for receiving her into the class and I can tell you, that she was so happy to be with you all, it really made her holiday special. She finally got to see, what I teach and what I do here in Cyprus, and more importantly to meet you all, after hearing so much about you all from me. I felt a level of completion, knowing that she became part of what we are all trying to achieve at the school, which is to live our lives without fear and to open hearts so we can love everyone and overcome everything life throws at us.

Thank you again, so much with all my heart and love and blessings to you.

Master Vasilios