Chinese New year of the Dog

Paper cutting made by Fanghong 

Paper cutting made by Fanghong 

The year of the Dog will be on us soon, as we head towards what I feel will be one of the best years we have had for a long time. Why? well because this is such a wonderful animal, steeped in history and with its ancestral line, being descendants of the wolf, what else could we ask for. So I will do my best to explain, what is the best approach to deal with this power animal. First of all, here is the basic information before I get into the nitty gritty.

The season for full expression will be, autumn. The Element related to the dog is earth. The closest western zodiac star signs are,Libra (Oct 8 – Oct 22) and Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 6), so it should be interesting to see how these star signs work out for us all. The dates for the year of the Dog are: February 16th, 2018  To February 4th, 2019, Energy: Yang

If you were born in one of these years then you were born under the zodiac sign of the Dog. 1922, 1934, 1994, 1946, 1958, 1970, 2006, 1982, 2018, 2030.

There is so much to write about the year of the Dog, so here goes. To understand this Zodiac sign, I would ask that you stop thinking for a moment as the Dog just being a pet and consider their ancient roots, which descend from wolves, who are always going to be a pack animal, yes they are very tribal and very understanding in knowing there place within the pack, yet there loyalty is unlimited and will rarely deviate from there role and have unconditional love wrapped around their purpose of always placing the pack first. These characteristics we can see in the modern day dog, such as the loyalty, love and protection they have for there human family. To them you are their pack, so the first thing to consider this year is to look after your own pack, be loyal, be fair and learn where you fit in to your own pack and more importantly your role within the pack. Each member of a pack contributes in one way or another, so working out your own contribution, is to realise that this will be a year of giving from the heart. Over the past six years we have had our hearts opened up in many ways, mostly outside of our control and down to the movement of the planets, however we are slowly gaining back control over our own heart energy, which means we should learn the lesson of unconditional love and be giving in our nature. 

By becoming a giving person, it does not mean being weak or charitable, it simply means to be with who you want to be with and stand strongly beside them, so you may fulfil your own destiny by opening your own heart and allowing it to be received by others. 

At the beginning of the year of the Dog, we will see another shift in humanity, as we try to raise the vibration of our hearts, some of us will experience doubt, others will follow the forces of nature and in most situations, finally respond to our true calling. We will also be able to close past events that have effected us in this life and in past lives too, as we come to a better understanding of our selves, partners and close relationships. Karma will also have a huge impact on the true reality of our relationships, not only with others, but spirit world as well as all will come to light. This will have an influence on our way forward in this life as we continue to seek to grow our minds and hearts. 

The bottom line is that we do need to remain upright and strong throughout this year, but in a way that we are constantly seeking to be loyal to those we care for and more importantly spirit world, because we will have let go of so much, we have to ask ourselves what will we replace the empty spaces within our hearts with, therefore Karma will have its say.

Do Dogs have Karma? how can these loving animals possible have Karma. All Dogs represent their owners energy, if a Dog is loving and kind,  you are sure to find a loving and kind owner behind them. The Dog will always guide us in this life with our emotions and spiritual understanding of mother earth and spirit world, they want to be part of your pack, if you allow them to be, they will bring so much love into your life at times you will find this overwhelming. There will be so much energy this year filled with love, it is a great chance, to stop and to know that the earth will always be in a state of chaos and peace, the Dog knows how to walk through both of these cycles unaffected but wiser through there experience. The heavens are opening for us this year as it is a year of higher understanding, which must be expressed through this life. Our hearts sit in-between the heaven and the earth, this they call the human centre, where all things meet and this is the place where all connections are born and live, past and present.

More to come in part two, but for now there is plenty here to get your mind into.

Love and blessings Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi 2018