Looking in the right direction

They who have a pure heart, who do not carry desire, who are without intention, yet remain open within their hearts, will learn how to love all. This is the true expression of the great spirit, the nature of nature itself.. The sixth expression.

If one is hungry, then feed your spirit, if one is without a home, then cleanse your body, for the body is the temple in which we all seek shelter. If you feel alone, then never forget that your ancestors are always with you. When in darkness, let your heart shine through from the wisdom you have gained. When in the light, know your journey started from within the darkness of your mothers womb, in which she filled with love for you, yes! your mother brought you into the light.

This is not a time in the world to think of ones self, instead ask yourself, which direction are you looking, forward or backward, or even the present, they are all wrong. Instead we should be feeling what is pushing up from under our feet, for the great mother is flooding the earth with ancient children, who are far more advanced than us and are already equipped to embrace the new energy. Yet there are many who stand in there way, still trying to contain them and stifle their spirituality, which is pressing on there hearts. Set them free and they will teach us everything we need to know about evolving with our new found energy.

These children may feel like they do not fit into this current world and experience problems, they are seeking the way to express themselves, in Movement, vibration, art, healing and meditation. they came to us, because  they know deep within their hearts we can help them if only we can open up to them, which is really opening up to our selves. Yet for most of us we are caught up in our own unfoldment, filled with the heaviness of the past, our purpose is to help them, it is no longer about us, it is about them, a time to be selfless and apply all of our spiritual understanding and knowledge to help them shine, for they are the future, they are what we are trying to see when we look forward and what we feel when we gaze back into our past... they are our ancestors of old, they have arrived, they are finally here. They are more than star children, they are beyond our normal sense of understanding, they are great. For you to understand the future of the world, your future and all living things, just ask the young ones and they will tell you that they bring the expression of the great spirit to us all, for these children are the sixth expression, the nature of nature its self.

Teach them how to survive on this world and not what to become, they have already become and now its time to follow them.

Love and blessings to you all

Master Vasilios ©cyprus tai chi and Qigong 2018