Never ending shift in Humanity

The full moon in July came and passed us by, with a spectacular Lunar eclipse, blood moon and Mars shinning brightly next to our great grandmother. So where are we now with the great shift in our hearts and energy and post eclipse. The truth is still pouring out of us all as we struggle to contain what is held deep within our hearts. The main problem for most people is to recognise that it is time to let go, these emotions want to be released because what you have or still are holding onto, is saying to you "release me" so set it free and don't be afraid, for what is done is done. This a time to be in the centre of your circle, where if you stop and think of a circle, there is no such thing as past and future, all are joined and exist within the same circle, it is round to therefore, there is no beginning or end, which in reality says quite loudly to us, be in the now, ever present in where you are and what you are doing.

The deeper side of this change is that some of you will be questioning everything and everyone  around you, but as I have said to you all before, you have to learn to live with this new found energy, in fact it is not new energy, it is your true nature starting to surface and we cannot see the world in the same way as before, the veil has been lifted and the truth of everything is being shown to us. It would be easy to try and revert back to the old ways...what are the old ways? the only thing which is truly old is the ancient teachings for human beings and every cycle of human being revertes back to when humanity experiences a big shift in the heart. Why did we have to revert back in the first place? well, as humans we forget and loose our way, we come off the path. The temptations are all around us, technology, possessions, materialism and the consumption of endless supplies of knowledge, that moves us further and further away from our true nature as we try to decipher what is true and what is not.

When you meditate, always bring yourself to the point of nakedness in your heart and mind, like a new born, who always is in a learning state of mind, willing to show us the truth, so ask yourself what is your truth, what is your heart really feeling and work on these emotions by accepting them and then letting them go. How do you let go of these emotions? do you remember when you mother or father said they love you, you most probably returned the words to them, yet when they said something you didn't like or disagreed with you told them so and after that you let it go through forgiveness with words, you simply just moved on, this is the true heart of innocence.

Meditate on this and you will be surprised by your true and gentle nature. Love and blessings to you. Master Vasilios 2018