The Forgotten

Who are the forgotten?. There way is our way so why have some of us forgotten them, not by who they are, but by their true name and they are called Grandparents, with Grand being the word. This is is not the writing of a person calling for the old ways to return, but instead to let you know that the way of the Grandparents has never left us, because it is ancient and has stood the test of time and will remain with us, until we accept that their purpose will not wither away with age, but instead becomes stronger and stronger, because it is wisdom an energy of nature that just grows with age and flowers when Grand children are born to them.

Everyday for the past two years when I leave to drive to Nicosia, I see an elderly woman sitting on her own, with her Asian carer. She is often quite, but offers me an occasional stare, but I feel her loneliness and sad heart. Sometimes she is just staring out at the road with fixed eyes on a nothingness, just emptiness, which only she can see.

One day I passed by and she was surrounded by three children, I slowed down, because I was amazed in the difference in her energy, it was like she had become renewed and given a new life. One was sitting on her lap holding a flower and it became obvious to me, that Grandmother was telling her all about the flower. The Grandchild was receiving a lesson from the heart, that only they can speak about.

Some of us who are parents feel that we have the answers to most things our children ask us, but it is not about our own intelligence, it is about the intelligence of the heart and this is what all Grandparents teach, for they unlock the power of wisdom in us all and give life to us in a different way, a way unknown to us. Yes there are some Grandparents who are not like this, some grumpy, some distant, some suffering from ill health, but it is there privilege to be how they want to be.

We just sometimes have to ask ourselves, did we ever get to know our Grand parents, everyone of us will have a different story to tell about their own relationship with their Grandparents.

One summer I had six weeks with the only Grandparent I got to meet, which was my Grandfather and it became a major turning point in my soul, my life and my heart, I have never forgotten him and never will. These days everyone is in a hurry, we are all chasing things in life when life itself is right under our noses, sitting there quietly waiting for us to ask the questions of life to them. Sadly these days, most of us take wisdom from the internet, which is a voice that tells stories without substance. Some people visit their parents less and less these days and the Grandparents become child minders, which is good in one way, but not in another, for which Grandparent can turn down an opportunity to be with their grandchildren, if they cannot be with there whole family without responsibility being placed upon them.

Everything is handed down from the Grandmother, who we are, what is in our DNA comes from her and parents become the path between Grandmother and Grandchild. As parents we should guide and encourage our Grandchildren to walk this path, even if our relationship is not good with them, it does not mean the relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren will also not be good, instead it will be the biggest healing a family can experience. After living a life of raising children and hard work and what ever life has to throw at you, we become weary and tired, but when the Grandchildren arrive on the earth they carry the healing of renewal and life has a purpose again and the cycle continues.

Don’t let them fade, without them first being able to share their wisdom with us, for once they are gone we can only remember them and honour them, so it is only Human and the way of human being to not forget them when they are still here on the earth and when their time comes to leave, they will shine brightly for they have given to their Grandchildren, there young ancestors a special gift called love of the Golden flower.

I am sorry for those of us, who never got to meet our Grandparents, or who have experienced difficulties with them. The way to deal with this, is to sit quietly for a short while and just send them love and healing. If you do this with sincerity, then they will guide you in your life and still share all that wisdom they have with you, you only have to listen to them from within your heart.

Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi 2018