Full Strawberry Moon


How strange that we all have a various connection to our solar system and all the planets that are circling our Grandfather Sun. The moon is our closest planet and is always providing us with spectacular displays of her beauty, yet her influence on our lives is with us everyday. Most people today are aware of the affect the moon has, not only on our daily lives but our life has a whole. If someone wants to know the essence of the moon, it is because she influences all of the water on the earth, a constant force of magnetism coming and going everyday and for three days every month she disappears beneath our horizon only to reappear renewed and filled with expression.

When the full moon appears it is because she has risen to her full expression. How does this affect us? well we are made of upto 73 percent of water and water is water, so our body flow of energy is always being affected in one or another. As for most of us we are just not aware of this and some of us feel the cycles of the moon and seeing that the Moon is also known as Grandmother Moon, the affect on the female body is very different to the affect on male body, but both are monthly cycles.


Its is all about vibration and so what can we expect from this beautiful strawberry moon. First of all it is happening tomorrow on the 17th June and will become completely full at 11:00pm. This is the moon of sweetness and pleasure, however it is only the beginning of the sweetness. First of all it is a time to have a good clear out of unwanted emotions and maybe some ideas that have never come to fruition. This particular full moon role this year is to direct us from within our hearts, to clear those negative emotions from within our lives to prepare us for a dynamic shift of our heart energy, later this year. Remember that our blood consists of water to, at lest 54 percent, therefore the moon and the heart are strongly connected, because water has memory and our the heart is able to vibrate with these emotions, so you could say that our energy field is actually filled with memory and hence why the moon makes us so emotional at times.

How to clear these emotions and to become ready, well we are all different in how we deal with our affairs of the heart, all I can say is that never before has meditation become so necessary in our lives. It is not something you have to learn as we are all born with this expression of stillness. All of the greatest aspects of our lives are the simple ones, it just requires you to sit quietly for a few minutes each day and align yourself to what is true in your life and what is true in life as a whole. Connecting to the nature of nature its self is left to us to decide and if we want to take control of our life in a more personal healing way. We are not helpless, we just can’t find the true and purposeful reason to meditate, well I have just given you one of the most precious reasons to meditate. Happy meditating everyone and enjoy the strawberries even though a bit late for Cyprus, never mind that’s why we have water melon, which is even more powerful.

Love and peace to you all

Master Vasilios © 2019