Wind of change

We are passing through a time of uncertainty. It feels like the entire world is becoming more and more confusing. It may be causing us to doubt our spirituality. We are all seeking confirmation that all will return to normal.

What is normal? Who knows? Our mother earth is experiencing chaos and at some point she will return to order. When is the question? The seasons have moved and become more unstable. The spring time is short, and autumn and summer have combined. Nature is talking to us all the time, showing us that our mother is changing. This main consideration for us to ponder on is to not forget that our mother earth is on her own journey and we are just passengers. We are riding through the cosmos with her.

This is not doom and gloom; It is however changes that affect us all. There are many good souls working to clean up the mistakes that humans have made. There are many who continue to behave as if nothing has happened. “Just another tree, there are plenty more” is the attitude of some people. Uncertainty is not just about the planet; it comes from the behaviour and attitude of people. Few want change; the rest want things to carry on as they were. We love our lives and the way things are, hmmm that’s the problem.

We should learn to adapt and to flow with our mother earth, instead of willing her to go back to what we considered our normality. Instead look forward and let’s all play our part by helping her fulfil her journey. We can achieve this. As an example, let’s stop creating inventions that involve plastic for one. There are many more examples, but I am not going into an activist state of mind. I don’t have one. What I have is an understanding at the individual level. What each of us do counts and we must do our best to hold this feeling in our heart. Try not to surrender it because others are not feeling the same about the world. Everyone is feeling this in their own way, though most will not admit to it. Do not become angry with each other. Feel the love and the connection you have in your own heart with the mother earth and follow this.

Is our mother earth angry? No, she is not. She is reacting to our behaviour towards her. She is trying to heal herself and to make a better home for us. What we are feeling is the power of mother nature expressing herself. It is no different for any of us when we can express ourselves to the full. The difference is, our mother earth expresses herself to heal and better lives. How we express ourselves is always what we must question.

Remember our mother earth is billions of years old; she has experienced it all before. We are living on the skin of an ancient and wise soul. Be kind to her, let her know that you love her by believing and trusting in what she is busy creating. If we ever needed a reason to chant, pray and meditate, now is the time. Let us send to her and the heavens good energy. This is the part we play, chant strongly, pray deeply, and meditate with our great mother earth. She has given so much to us, we should now give back.

Love and blessings to you all.

Master Vasilios