About Classes

All classes are currently held in Nicosia. Classes are held weekly and it is recommended that students attend a regular weekly class. Each class will run for one to two hours depending on the class and the stage of the student.

What to wear for Tai Chi: Loose clothing and flat shoes, socks or light trainers if possible. It is not recommended to do Tai Chi in bare foot. Tai Chi and Qigong is carried out standing up, so no need to bring mats unless notified by your teacher.

What to wear for Chinese Qigong Yoga: The classes include standing, sitting, and floor exercises. The clothing you choose should allow full flexibility without restriction. It requires no shoes as we will work on mats. The school will offer you a wonderful room overlooking our beautiful garden. But we cannot supply floor mats, pillows or towels, so please bring your own. We ask you to make sure that you will be comfortable when lying down.


Tai Chi: €50 per month, payable in advance or €15 per lesson. 

Chinese Qigong Yoga, €50 per month, payable in advance or €15 per lesson. 

Combined classes, The fee for students who participate in both Tai Chi and Chinese Qigong Yoga, will be €80 per month.

Meditation class: €5 per class for members of the school and 10 Euros per class for non members.

Sword form:  €5 per class. Open to students who have completed the short form as a minimum.

Fan Form: €5 per class. Open to students of the school only and have completed the short form as a minimum. The purchase of Tai Chi fan will be required.


The school has an opening for new students after the summer, normally during September and October and sometimes in January. There are always some of you who wish to join outside of this period, so please talk to me first and we can see how we can fit you into one of the classes. Tai Chi is progressive learning, so students progress over a few months it then becomes difficult for new beginners to fit in. I always start the beginners class with a workshop and there will be plenty of chances to attend one of our full beginners workshops, which are normally held on Saturday mornings or afternoons. In these workshops you will be able to experience a full class workout and more. The workshops are placed on the events page. If you have subscribed to the news letter you will receive updates on a monthly basis with news about up and coming workshops.

Class time table run weekly

Monday: Nicosia, Intermediate,  Short form: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with Master Vasilios

Tuesday: Nicosia, Beginners class: 6:30pm to 8:00pm, with Master Vasilios and Nicoletta

Wednesday: Nicosia, Long forms Tai Chi Dance of equality for advanced students: 6:30 pm to 8;30 pm With Master Vasilios and Diane

Thursday: Nicosia, Chinese Qigong Yoga. 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm with Master Vasilios

I hope you are all enjoying your classes and are excited as I am about the exciting year ahead. If you are unsure about anything at all, then please contact me, I am always happy to help you.