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Qigong for helping with back problems workshop

In this workshop, I will be showing some foundation exercises to help people with back problems, such as Scoliosis, disc, nerves, bone, tendons and muscle problems. As most of you are aware you have seen over the year how I have managed my own problems with my back steming from an injury I received over 40 years ago. I would like to share with you all how I manage to alleviate the pain, strengthen the spine, muscles and tendons and relax the nervous systems. This is the first of three workshops  as there is a gentle path for progression to a set of advanced exercises, which I will teach to you as I do want to share this knowledge with  you who suffer from this problem.

You will need to bring a mat such as a Pilates or Yoga mat and a flat pillow for you head and if you are a floor fan, then bring an extra cushion to place under your knees to help support the lower back. The class will include standing, sitting and laying down exercises.

Seeing as we have limited room, I would like to limit the class to those who are suffering from Scoliosis, disc, nerves, bone, tendons, and muscle problems only, I hope you understand. Anyone with serious medical conditions, recovering from operations and/or taking medication, please discuss this with first.

The cost of the workshop is 15 Euros for three hours, with a small tea break in the middle. 

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