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Qigong for back problems: Part two

Hi all, first of all thank you for attending part one of the workshop, but now we must move on to part two. At the moment I cannot take on people who have missed part one, because of the discussion we had and a try out of the exercises, which allowed me to review the fitness levels at an individual level. However I will repeat the workshops again starting in September for those of you who have missed out.


In part two, we will cover the following groups of exercises in more detail and narrow them down to the exercises that will help you to correct your back problem. So here is the agenda for the workshop.

  1. Quick catch up to see how you have progressed with your life style changes.
  2. Exercises
    1. Warming up (standing)
    2. Floor exercises (laying down)
    3. Spine regeneration exercises (laying down)
    4. Meditation (laying down)

It may look like a lot of exercises to do daily, but don’t worry I will show you all how to manage the exercises and segment them into a manageable time workout. The workshop will be on the Saturday 26th May, starting at 9:00am To 12:00pm. The cost of the workshop is 15€. Tea will be supplied.

Please make sure you bring a mat and pillows for the floor exercises and a towel if you need one. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop and please contact me or talk to me directly if you have any questions or concerns. See you there.

Thank you Master Vasilios