We spend much time during Tai Chi working on our own, even in the class room we stand alone, enjoying the company of others, but some of us are unaware of the energy exchange, which is taking place.

One of the remarkable aspects of connecting with someone is the Synchronisation, of our energies, as this is how we connect to each other. I try to explain to students that we are all doing the form together, on occasions we will experience Synchronisation, and all move at the same time. The reason some students cannot do this, is because they are unaware of following the person who is in front them. Why do this? well if you follow the person in front of you, you will begin to anticipate their movements, which is a great way to learn sticking and connecting to peoples energies.

You should also concentrate on the people around you and try to feel their movement as this will help develop your mind guiding your Qi. If everyone practiced this aspect, the class will without a doubt all move together and in time. It is a shame that people get so lost in themselves, that to follow anothers movement, regardless of the quality of their Tai Chi will help you develop a very high level of yielding. If the person makes a mistake in front of you, then carry on and helping the person to correct themselves. We support and help each other, this is the value of a community and a group of people coming together. When true Synchronisation takes place, it is the most remarkable energy to feel and a wonderful sight to see. One of the things I became aware when in China, was how important this was to the Tai Chi players and it meant more than just this to them, it was a sense of unity and loyalty to each other, which I felt was something really special and a true brother and sister relashionship. I have not come across this again as a teacher, who teaches this aspect, but I know there are teachers out there trying to teach this and I appreciate how difficult it must be for them, but it is not about the teacher its about all of us together moving as one, creating a sea of tai Chi energy.

The normal things that happen during a group form are,

  1. The person in front of me made a mistake, so I made a mistake too. One of you will correct it as long as you carry on.
  2. I am better than the person in front of me, them push them along, help them to feel you, by extending your energy out to them.
  3. The teacher made a mistake, The teacher is part of the group, you must also help your teacher as they help you.
  4. When I am on my own I don't feel as shaky and can do the moves properly, it is because we can become affected by other people reaching out to us. This often affect me when I am teaching, as I am open to all energies in the class and sometimes I feel the strong pull on my back, especially when doing kicks as people will pull more energy from me when difficult postures arise.

a brief disconnection, but he corrected himself

When you practice on your own, try to Synchronisation with nature and all things around you. The ultimate it to feel that you are being pushed and pulled along. The heavens are pouring into you and the ground is pulling you down and pushing you up. We must not think of ourselves, but think and feel what is around us in all directions and to truly start to Synchronisation our energy from within and from without. Eventually this will lead to you following your higher self, imagine what that would be like.


Master Vasilios © 2015