Relaxing the mind and body

There are times in peoples lives, which they find it difficult to completely relax and feel good about themselves and their body. Relaxation is for sure one of the most challenging aspects of not only of our Tai Chi, but in our every day lives to overcome. Well this is the main problem, 'Overcome' why are we trying to overcome  stress, tension and all other things that prevent us from being relaxed, when this should be a normal state of mind and body for us. What have we forgot or lost along the way, when we walk the path of life.

Standing still, slight altered posture.

We have allowed the conditioning of life and all of its demands it places upon us to eat into our very nature, basically we forget how to express ourselves properly as it is only through expression do we have the chance to feel where we are at with being relaxed and soft.

So what we have to do, is to relearn the art, which is a very natural process for us as our bodies and mind do not forget how to raise our vibration within us, as all is contained in the cellular memory, so all we need to do is to once again tap into it. Some people will take all sorts of unnatural medicines or stimulants to relax them as the body is craving for this condition so it can carry out its natural self healing functions, however most of these simply wear off, cause side affects and can lead you into some form of addiction or dependancy on them, which can be harmful to your health in the long term.

So what do we try to do in Tai Chi to achieve this state of relaxation. The best and quick fix is to try standing or sitting still for ten minutes a day. Most of you are aware of this exercise as I often start a lot of the classes in this way, by allowing you to find yourselves in quietness and calmness, away from all of the distractions of life and to put yourself in a good place where you can once again find you balance and recognise who you are and to once again feel your own emotions. This expression is called stillness and is one of the great healers and powerful aspects of Tia Chi and Qigong.

How do we stand still? well first of all place the feet at shoulder width apart and then with both hands place them onto your lower centre called the lower dan tien. Place the right hand on the inside and the left hand resting on the back of the right hand. Allow the thumbs to touch and this posture is called sealing your energy. Place a very slight bend in the knees and keep the head upright with the shoulders relaxed. Spread the whole of your feet out so all of your weight is evenly distributed across the whole of both of your feet. There should be no tension in your body whatsoever and if there is, then you can start to adjust the body and until you have achieved the relaxed standing posture. You simply place your mind into the stressed areas  and tell that part of the body to relax. The body must follow the mind and not the other way around, for this is how most of us live our lives we tend to follow our body and become to busy tending to our bodily needs rather than allowing our minds to fully take control and allow the body to yield to our beautiful minds.

Place your tongue up and behind the top front teeth. The tongue is touching the palette and not the teeth and the saliva you will produce must be swallowed as it is healing Qi. Breath in through your nose and out of your mouth, if you can, if not breath in a way that best suits you, but do not force the breath, be relaxed and breath with a slow and comfortable rhythm. 

Make sure every part of you is in the correct position, then just stand quietly and breath and relax for the best ten minutes of your life, every day. So what reasons do I hear about this the most to not be able to do this exercise! I cant find the time, no one will allow me the peace or I am to tired. I appreciate that we all have busy lives and there are many reasons to not do what is good for ourselves. However don't we all do a lot for our families already and if they cannot allow you some time to yourself every day, then I will leave this one for you to think about. If you practice this for at least ten days, you will for sure begin to feel the difference, in every aspect of your life.

happy standing and let me have any question you feel need answering.

Love and blessings, Master Vasilios © Cyprus Tai Chi 2016