Tao Lou

Liz and me doing Tao Lou

What is this wonderful art you may ask. In some short words I will do my best to explain. It is known as a small dance or the circle of the eight classical postures of Tai Chi. It can be done solo, and with a partner. 

Tao Lou covers the eight points in the Ba Gua circle, focussing in on the basic four applications of Pull down, split, shoulder and elbow, though hidden within the tao Lou are the remaining four postures, which are ward off, roll back, press and push. These eight postures combined with the five directional steps form the 13 postures of Tai Chi, which are related to the expressions of energy. 

In learning this art of Tai Chi, one learns to become soft when receiving and giving energy and to provide the correct frame work for allowing energy to flow through us, which is the most challenging aspect of learning Tao Lou. For the frame work, must be allowed to express the true personality of the practitioner, which means that nothing must be hidden and to be without intent, still, yet moving, lively with the childish energy, issued from ones heart. 

I do not teach this to show people how to fight, I prefer to teach it such a way that we establish a sound equilibrium in body and mind and apply ur energy to joining with the forces of Nature as when two hearts connect in the dance of life, there is no better or beautiful thing to be part of. 

Master Vasilios