Finding the rhythm

This video is for beginners in Tai Chi learning the 16 step form or Yang Style short form.

When I look across beginners and intermediate students, I feel that this group of postures rolled into Grasping the Sparrows tail, takes time to perfect and fully understand. This is because this section contains all of the eight essential postures of Tai Chi, some apparent and some with potential. For example, you can clearly see the ward off, roll back, press and push, the other four are hidden, yet full of potential to be applied at any time. The other four are separate or split, elbow, pull down and shoulder stroke. This is what make the grasping the sparrows tail so incredible, that at any given time the other four potentials can be applied any through this section as all the postures belong to each other, working in harmony.

What the student needs to learn is finding the rhythm, so applying the postures becomes a flowing and effortless sense of movement. So study these moves well as all other postures in Tai Chi are built on the eight movements. Try not to rise up and down with the movements, stay on an even level, just shifting the weight to and fro, smoothly and with all things considered you find your natural rhythm

Next time I will look and review the other four movements for you and keep practicing.

Master Vasilios