Returning to roots

Dr Chi, yielding

Dr Chi, yielding

Some times in Tai Chi, we become stuck in a place where we feel we cannot progress, this is often due to various things, such as our personal lives becoming more stressful or our focus has simply vanished. What should we do about this situation! perhaps it is best that we understand the ancient philosophy where it states that we cannot progress everyday, all we are doing is doing what we know and therefore do not have to think to much about what we are doing, instead we start to think of what we want and filling ourselves with desires, which weaken the mind and imbalances us.

We must all understand that if we immerse ourselves in what we do everyday, then we become the flame of energy that we have lit for this task or piece of work and therefore we will eventually break through our own confinment.

Breaking through is the most powerful aspect of our development and this is not the same as learning something new, but elevating our knowledge on something as mastering the forms in Tai Chi. Repeated forms are like an ocean wave gently washing against the rocks, eventually wearing the rocks down to sand, changing an ever increasing shore line, so the sea naturally advances removing the biggest of obstacles. Water can even find and penetrate the smallest of holes, so guaranteed everything will eventually change and breakthrough.

So what Tai Chi should you do to breakthrough the stagnant period, well I always go for a form or two or even three or four, until I find myself complexity relaxed and it is in the relaxed state of mind I can realign my focus only to find out that it took be back to when I first started Tai Chi and remembering the reasons why I took up this wonderful art in the first place, which was to heal and change my being, so why stop now when I have made so much progress. I even realised why I had become stuck, because we tend to focus on the wrong thing and spend a lot of time thinking about being stuck, instead of thinking about how far we have come and we should all celebrate this, for this is breaking through. A form or two or day will keep the negatives at bay and will help you to advance. Wether we like it or not, it all comes down to doing the work, we have to work on our lives, our personal being and our health, without the work, nothing changes, this applies to all things we do in life, it is a fact. So when you become stuck on something, instead of just stopping it... work on it and know that all secrets reveal themselves to those who ask the right questions of themselves.

Love and blessings to you all Master Vasilios 2017