The way of the forms

Have you ever heard someone say that every day is the same for me, I'm bored, tired of this and my life is just going no where! This problem affects a lot of people around the world, are we not the lucky ones who are privileged enough to say this, while in some countries people have the same problems, yet they starve, need water and depend on other people to save the lives of their children and themselves. These people have gone beyond boredom, it is a matter of survival for them. So from here on if you stop seeing your life as boring, dull and tedious and realise that survival comes in many forms and appears in many places. What has this got to do with Tai Chi, you may ask? 

When practicing the forms, no two forms are the same, each form is unique, therefore we are in a constant form of change, destroying what is old and recycling into new... the now. The time it takes to evolve naturally is based on the cycles of nature its self and cannot be forced or hurried, instead it slows down and aligns its self with the true speed of nature, thats why you sometimes find people in a group, some will move faster or slower than others, it is their interpretation of natures speed. Weather this is the right speed or not, depends where the persons mind is at. If you look at a group of trees being blown by the wind, they all move together and at the same speed, however because each one is unique, they will perform differently, yet at the same speed, this is the balance of time and motion, where both do not exist, yet appear to be in each of us. 

Every movement of the form is related to an emotion, so when we come across a posture that we are struggling with, it is because we are subconsciously stuck on an emotion, do we then not practice the posture or do we keep going until we have removed the block for that posture. When you overcome one emotion of a posture, another will appear and so on. The journey of the forms is self cleansing as a gentle and slow process, that alters the way you see life and the way you feel about your self and others, to overcome the fears in your life and face reality of who you really are. The brilliance of the forms, is that they align themselves with who you truly are, trying to change and meet your own potential, to take you on a journey that will strengthen you and free you from the chaos. This happens when you are only at the centre of your being, when chaos and order surround you and instead of being in one side of your own Yin and Yang circle, living on the edge of life, you are in the centre harmonising your own chaos and order to life, in other words you have become aligned with something more greater than your self... the cosmos. I always feel that my mind as an orchastral conductor, and my body is the musician, so when I dance I create the music of life that can penetrate the deepest parts of my soul, where chaos and order exist and if I change, then so can and will my soul, making this journey worthwhile and fulfilling my life.

Master Vasilios 2017 © Cyprus Tai Chi